Battlestar Prometheus ::

"Hello? Is anyone there? Is anyone left?"

How close were we? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? A quirk of fate- a last-minute run past the Red Zone postponed- and we would have been among the burning. It's enough to make you believe in a higher power, and make you an Atheist. What Gods would allow such destruction, and spare so few?

A lonely, single voice cries out and asks if there's anything left, naive to the danger they draw upon themselves. Is anyone there? Can anyone help them? Who can we save, and who is already lost? Who would fight on and who sees this as the end of all things?

The Cylons did not fade away. The Cylons did not go. We thought it was an end of an Era.

It was the End of Days.

They rained death upon our fleets and cities one by one, and the Battlestar Prometheus was either damned or lucky to have slipped through their Great Plan. Seconds, minutes hours that saved us? We don't know. Thank or Damn the Lords of Kobol as you see fit. Right now, our purpose is clear.

Set Condition One across the ship. All hands, Action Stations. Spin up the FTL. Prepare for an emergency jump.

The Pride of Aerilon

The Battlestar Prometheus is the symbolic extension of Aerilon's strength. When the united government of the Twelve Colonies was founded, each colony was promised a Battlestar; the Prometheus is betrothed to Aerilon. Like most of these Battlestars, Prometheus is an aging giant, still a decade away from decommissioning.

Prometheus BS-22 was one of the last Battlestars to be completed under the compact and it remained the flagship of Battlestar Group 22 until the Herakles was commissioned four years ago. Though of the smaller Valkyrie-class of Battlestars, Prometheus brims mightily with Aerilon-manufactured weaponry.

Familiar Setting. New Story.

The Battlestar Prometheus RPG is set in the 2004 "reimagined universe" of Battlestar Galactica, though there will be some homage paid to a few elements in Galactica 1978 that were not picked up in the new series.

Like Galactica, the Battlestar Prometheus has escaped immediate destruction during the Cylon Holocaust of the Twelve Colonies. It quickly collects a small fleet of civilian and military ships under its guard. The Prometheus' crew has no knowledge of the fate of Galactica, its fleet, or the Battlestar Pegasus. For all that these refugees know, they are all that is left of the Twelve Colonies and Humanity.

RPG Rating 3 3 3

The long story arc of Prometheus, in addition to surviving and finding a new home, revolves around ancient extraterrestrial ruins discovered pre-Holocaust by Caprica University archaeology students- and why the Cylons were so intent on destroying them. The Cylons are hiding something with wide-ranging implications about their rise from the ashes. All of this has happened before- and will happen again.

Humanity: Warts, Scars and All

The Battlestar Prometheus Sim is intended for players eighteen (18) or older, and has a 3-3-3 Rating (equivalent to TV-MA or NC-17).

This rating choice is to allow players flexibility when writing the full spectrum of Human experience: sex, drug use, conflict, depression, self-destruction, or death. But please, keep it in the context of a game with a plot- Prometheus does NOT allow for a pointless gore-fest, racially-charged tirade, depictions of rape or balls-deep smut.

Nudity, sex, violence and mature language are part of the Human experience. But make sure to frame it as useful to plot or character development. Please see the Rules section for a detailed list of topics that are not allowed to be depicted even in this 3-3-3 atmosphere.

Latest News Items

» Open For Business

Posted on Sun Jun 6th, 2021 @ 9:21am by Rear Admiral Aurora Shepherd in Sim Announcement

Attention. This is the Commander. Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

We have started to get a good trickle of crewmembers in. And we continue to recruit. Remember, all, you are welcome to create NPCs (just ask Bren or Kyle to link them to you) but please- do intend to use them. Also, remember to get on Discord with them and do your 1d100 rolls.

We are going to go ahead and start this ball rolling. We are beginning with our first mission- Milk Run- with the Commander, soon-to-be Rear Admiral and Retired Ellen Janussen, departing by Raptor for Picon. Aerilon Command has not yet assigned her replacement. Rear Admiral Shepherd comes aboard for an inspection tour (and some think, to interview XO Lykan Agrinion for the job).

Prometheus will shortly receive orders to jump to Clio Anchorage and then beyond the Red Zone to locate a group of missing scientists. So our story begins! As of now, Colonel Lykan Agrinion is in command.

Latest Mission Posts

» Fixing Yet Another Clusterfrack

Mission: Milk Run
Posted on Sat Aug 7th, 2021 @ 12:41pm by Lieutenant JG Lisel O'Heron & Rear Admiral Ellen Janussen

“No… No…. No!” Lisel sighed and groaned in unison as her fist slammed down on the mental console like a judge’s gavel on a striking block. The monitor beeped and chirped several times, with some warning indicators flashing red and blue around several power-output metrics. “Petty Officer. Adjust the flow…

» Ante Up and Move On

Mission: Milk Run
Posted on Sun Aug 1st, 2021 @ 2:53pm by Colonel Lykan Agrinion & Lieutenant Jaro Hofmann & Master Sergeant Matthias Harwood & Ephriam Clarke-Bishop & Rear Admiral Ellen Janussen

[Battlestar Prometheus; In Dock at Aerilon Fleet Yards; L1 LaGrange]
[The Crashpad (Lounge)]
[0100 Hours Local Aerilon Time]

"If you ask me," Commander Ellen Janussen pulled a face- a smirk- "And you didn't. So I'm pulling rank... this game is proof. There are no Gods. Fold." The brunette woman, and…

» Duty Calls

Mission: Milk Run
Posted on Wed Jul 21st, 2021 @ 6:01pm by Captain Jamie Perth & Lieutenant Victoria Fox

CASREC Unit, Prometheus

Jamie was beyond exhausted.

First, there was the pre-inspection for the actual inspection, the latter of which he had to pretend he wasn't an ex-panel member for. Then a slew of administrative paperwork that he had to skim through and sign off, just to take up his…

» Pre-Inspection Inspection

Mission: Milk Run
Posted on Thu Jun 24th, 2021 @ 3:11am by Captain Jamie Perth

CASREC Unit, Prometheus

It all seemed fraudulent and corrupt, but Jamie felt to be in a situation where he simply had to do as he was told. Not that it occurred too often, but he'd seen several instances where clearly wrong things have been done in the name of 'just…

» The Pick Up

Mission: Milk Run
Posted on Sun Jun 13th, 2021 @ 10:41am by Lieutenant JG Bodhi "Peanut" Kang & Lieutenant JG Shiloh "Ringer" Kidane & Deckhand Simon Leto & Captain J.T. "Winter Soldier" Gibbs

[Battlestar Prometheus]
[Starboard Landing Deck]
[0345 Hours Local Aerilon Time
It was still the shank of night: in the distance, if one found a rare porthole, the pale blue-gray orb of Aerilon hovered in absolute black, about the size of the Battlestar Prometheus' emblem peeling, blackened and scratched from the…