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Captain J.T. "Winter Soldier" Gibbs

Name James Thomas Gibbs

Position Commander, Air Group (CAG)

Rank Captain

Basic Information

Nickname/Alias Winter Soldier
Callsign: Winter Soldier
Home Colony Aquaria
Date of Birth YR62
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Gender Female
Height 6'2"
Weight 175
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Physical Description Handsome, athletically fit, and toned. Usually, light stubble on his face dislikes shaving.

Personality & Traits

Strengths + Cold weather doesn't bother him.
+ Pro snowboarder before joining the service.
+ Expert Bowhunter
Weaknesses - Not a fan of hot weather
Ambitions CAG “one day I will be CAG of a great Battlestar”
Interests Women
Bow Hunting

Personal Ties

Friends ECO’s
Raptor pilots
Non- Cocky viper pilots
Enemies Most of the cocky Viper pilots

Personal History

Early Life Early Life: He grew up basically a spoiled rich boy, spent alot of time not doing school work but snowboarding. At 16 his snowboarding skills attracted alot of attention from Sponsors and women alike, At 18 was a high paid professional Snowboarder. By the age of 20 all the sponsors dried up and he was out on his butt.
Adult Life Adult Life: He was told by his dad Join the service or get a real job, no more pretending. That there would not be any money coming from him. So he joined the academy and started as a viper jock but it didn't fit. An instructor suggested a Raptor, and from there it was history. He and his Raptor are one when he flies. His instructor called him a natural behind the Raptors controls.
He learned the hard way not to piss off his deck crew, as on his first ship, the Columbia, the cocky rich boy came out and he was cocky towards a deck chief. The chief changed a few setting in the cockpit and caused him to hit the deck hard, Gibbs confronted the Chief and by the time the fists finished the point was clear dont mess with deck hands. From that point on he changed his attitude towards everyone.
YR 92 he and several vipers were flying close formation for a Memorial Ceremony and one viper had a malfunction and slammed into his Raptor causing it to spin out and crash hard into a building. The viper pilot was able to eject but Gibbs wasn't lucky. It took several hours to dig through the collapsed building to find him suspended from the seat with two broken legs and broken shoulder. He was rushed in for surgery and was able to make a full recovery after spending a year behind a desk at Fleet headquarters.
Recent Events recently promoted to Captain and placed as lead Raptor Pilot.

Service Record

Service Record Service Record:
Went to the Academy/Flight School. YR 84-86
Served On BSG Columbia- Raptor Pilot - Ensign/Junior Lieutenant YR 86-88
Served Patrolstar Bastille -Raptor Pilot - 88 - 92
Desk Duty at Academy after training accident ( Mid Air collision) - YR 92-93
Served On Gunstar Hyperion, (Attached to Fleet Headquarters) Emergency Raptor pilot/SARs Pilot Junior Lieutenant YR 93-96
Served on BSG Galactica, Patrolstar Aspen - SARs Pilot Junior Lieutenant YR 96 -97
Served on BSG Triton - Raptor Wing Leader- Lieutenant YR 97-00
Serving on BSG Prometheus - Raptor Wing Leader - Promoted to Captain YR 00