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Lieutenant Luke "Gonzo" Wright

Name Luke Wright

Position Raptor Pilot

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Callsign: Gonzo
Home Colony Picon
Date of Birth YR 75
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Gender Cisgender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 200lbs.
Hair Colour Sandy blonde - usually kept cut short
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description Average height, heavier build. Several minor facial scars

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laid back but attentive, calm under pressure. Loves a good joke
Strengths Piloting a Raptor
Weaknesses Loyal to a fault
Ambitions Wants to be the best pilot
Interests Surfing, being a better Colonial soldier

Personal Ties

Partner(s) None
Children None
Parent Deceased
Parent Deceased
Sibling(s) N/A

Personal History

Early Life Luke was born to Daniel (an academic) and Marcella (a priestess of Poseidon) Wright. He was the third child the Wrights had birthed but the only one to survive (the other two dying in childbirth). Because of his parent’s professional connections, Luke was afforded many opportunities that other Piconese children could only dream of. His parents were charter members of a pacifist commune dedicated to the worship of Poseidon, which meant that Luke’s affinity for surfing and swimming was encouraged. But Luke was never an adherent to his parents’ beliefs. He routinely got into fights with other surfers over territory and on more than one occasion, his parents had to use their positions to influence local law enforcement. After each incident, Luke’s parents would scold him and plead for him to change, but he was as hot tempered as ever. Eventually, Luke’s talent caught the eye of several college recruiters and he was able to secure a full-ride scholarship to a local university in Perkinston. However, an unfortunate accident cost Luke his right knee and his scholarship. During this time, his temper also mellowed, as Luke realized that many things were beyond his control.

After healing from a complete reconstruction of his knee, Luke found that he wasn’t as good on a surfboard anymore and he didn’t have many prospects. He was back to living with his parents outside of Queenstown.

Growing up around Queenstown, Luke was no stranger to the Colonial Fleet presence. He had often watched Vipers and Raptors on maneuvers while paddling out or while relaxing on the beach. But any interest in the Fleet was expressly forbidden by his parents. When Luke’s friends enrolled in the Fleet Academy, his parents even went so far as to make them unwelcome in the family house.
But a later, chance encounter with a childhood friend gave Luke some inspiration. Fleet recruiters were actively picking up any recruit with partial college experience and enrolling them in the Fleet’s Officer Candidate School. Luke took the idea to his parents, who rejected it out of hand. Despite Luke’s protestations and logical explanations, his parents wouldn’t budge on the topic. But neither would Luke. So, he joined without their consent intending to do his tour in the Fleet and then get out and open a surf shop.
Adult Life While many things came easily to Luke, Fleet life was not one of these things. He had to work harder than many of his classmates to accomplish some of the more rudimentary tasks of cadet life. He studied harder and longer and eventually was rewarded. His reflexes and general aptitude scores were high enough that he was able to apply for Flight School once he graduated from OCS, but he found himself in the bottom of his class. He redoubled his efforts during Primary Flight School, logging bootleg hours in simulators in exchange for surfing lessons. By the time he finished Primary Flight, he’d brought his scores up high enough to qualify for Raptor School.

In Raptor School, he earned his callsign “Gonzo” when one of his instructors recognized him from his earlier surfing career. But that was the easiest thing about Raptor School. Luke worked longer and harder than all the other students, many times fighting against his knee injury as well. Eventually, Luke graduated fifth in his class and was assigned to the Battlestar Valkyrie’s Raptor Squadron.

During his tour of duty aboard Valkyrie, Luke was paired with a seasoned ECO and the pair flew their fair share of missions, ECM, Scout and Search and Rescue. By the time Gonzo hit his 1000th landing, he was a seasoned veteran himself. His time aboard the Valkyrie done, Luke volunteered for duty aboard the Battlestar Prometheus.

Service Record

Service Record - Entered Service Academy
- Qualified as Raptor Pilot
- Assigned Battlestar Prometheus