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Commander Thomas Englehorne

Name Thomas Jethro Englehorne

Position Commander

Rank Commander

Basic Information

Nickname/Alias Tom
Callsign: Preacher
Home Colony Gemenon
Date of Birth 21 Martius YR38
Age 62

Physical Appearance

Gender Male
Height 5’10”
Weight 165
Hair Colour Salt and Pepper grey with patches of white
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description Average height, very physically fit considering age. Can be considered imposing by some. Always wears his wedding ring on his left ring finger.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thomas has a gruff exterior, but this hides his easygoing nature. While he can have a bit of a temper, he normally stays calm and collected. Thomas spends his off hours reading the small collection of books he has accumulated over the years. Thomas is also a natural pilot and is known for being calm in the pilot's seat. Thomas believes in leading from the front, and he never asks his men to do things he would not himself do. Thomas works well with others and knows how to delegate work efficiently. He also takes pride in sharing his knowledge with others. Thomas is also a smoker, but he only smokes in his off hours. Thomas’s wife passed from cancer two years ago and he still lives the pain of her loss
Strengths Vast knowledge in ship to ship combat tactics
Skilled in aerial manuvers
Proficient in small arms tactics
Leads by example
Keeps himself physically fit
Weaknesses Can have a bit of a temper
Ambitions Thomas has made a career in the Fleet and hopes to retire with full benefits
Interests Thomas is an avid reader and enjoys spending his off hours reading various mystery novels.

Personal Ties

Partner(s) Charlotte Anne Kostas (nee Dumford) – Passed from cancer two years ago
Parent Father Dalmar Jethro Kostas PhD. - Father
Parent Regina Michelle Kostas (nee Porter) - Mother
Sibling(s) None

Personal History

Early Life Thomas was born to a religious family on Gemenon. His father was a priest and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. The only son to a priest, he was raised in the faith and expected to attend the seminary and follow his father’s footsteps in the priesthood. This changed when the Cylon War broke out. When he graduated high school, he was drafted by the Gemenese Defence Forces to serve in the war. After the Articles of Colonization were signed, he was absorbed into the new Colonial Fleet.
Adult Life Thomas started his career as a damage control specialist posted to a Gemenese Adamant Class light carrier. Once he was absorbed into the Colonial Fleet he was transferred to an Atlas Class carrier and became a Aviation Machinist mate. He specialized in avionics control systems. During this assignment, his ship was boarded by the Cylons and he was forced to engage in hand-to-hand combat to repel the boarders. His ship sustained heavy damage and while in drydock he was granted shore leave on Scorpia. While there, he met his future wife. They stayed in communication, and when the war ended he returned and married her. For his actions in defending his ship, he was given a battlefield promotion and sent to Officer Candidate School where he was accepted into flight training, however the war ended before he flew in combat. At the conclusion of the Cylon War, he was given the option of mustering out. Serving in the war had made Thomas disillusioned with the faith, and he decided to remain in the Colonial Fleet.
Recent Events During peacetime, Thomas's first assignment as a new viper pilot as to the Battlestar Solaria. He was then assigned as a squadron XO aboard the Battlestar Umbara. Prior to his first command tour, he attend the Colonial Fleet War College and graduated with honors. He was then appointed a Squadron leader on the Battlestar Valkyrie. After recieved a commendation from the commander of the Valkyrie, Thomas was then assigned to the Battlestar Hyperion as Commander of the Air Group. Upon completing his tour as CAG, Thomas was forced to take an extended Leave of Absence to care for his ill wife. Upon her passing, Thomas returned to the Fleet where he was appointed the Executive Officer of the Battlestar Triton. After two successful tours aboard the Triton, Thomas finally recieved his Commander's Pips and was given command of the Battlestar Prometheus.

Service Record

Service Record Drafted Gemenese Defence Forces
- GDF Thermopolis, Adamant Class – Damage Control Specialist – Crewman - Specialist
Lateral transfer to Colonial Fleet, trained in avionics control systems
- Haestrom – Atlas Class – Aviation Machinist Mate – Specialist – Petty Officer Third Class
Posted to Officer Candidate School
- Selected for flight training - Ensign
End of Cylon War, retained in service
- Battlestar Solaria, Jupiter Class – Viper Pilot – Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant
- Battlestar Umbara, Valkyrie Class – Viper Squadron XO – Lieutenant - Captain
Attended Colonial Fleet War College - Graduated with honors
- Battlestar Valkyrie, Valkyrie Class – Viper Squadron Leader – Captain - Major
- Battlestar Hyperion, Mercury Class – Commander, Air Group – Lieutenant Colonel
Extended Leave of Absence for personal reasons
- Battlestar Triton - Executive Officer - Colonel
-Battlestar Prometheus Jupiter Class – Commanding Officer – Commander
Retirement Approval at conclusion of tour aboard Battlestar Prometheus