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Master Chief Petty Officer Jorja-An Chrisjenson

Name Jorja-An Chrisjenson

Position Chief of the Deck

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Basic Information

Callsign: Momma Bear
Home Colony Gemenon
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Gender Female
Height 5 foot 5 inches
Weight 145 pounds
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown

Personality & Traits

Strengths (+) Highly Mechanically Inclined
(+) Highly Skilled Explosive Tech (not known by the Military)
(+) Fair Pilot
(-/+) Stubborn
Weaknesses (-/+) Stubborn
(-) Career Ending Dark Secret (Former member of the terrorist group Soldiers of the One)
(-) Hates losing her adoptive children (Pilots on the Battlestar and her Knuckle draggers)
(-) Morns the loss of her family, deeply
Interests Rebuilding anything mechanical, reading fantasy/romance novels, gardening

Personal Ties

Partner(s) Johnathon; Mikael; Annabeth (all divorced)
Children Millie; Jessica; Maria; Donald; Robert; Ralph; Susanna
Parent Father: Runjee David
Parent Mother: Ziva David
Sibling(s) Brothers: Wilmer; Rocky; Johnathon Jr; Mikael Jr; Sean; Brian
Sisters: Pauley; Emily; Jennifer; Sasha; Lauren; Zoe

Personal History

Early Life Jorja-An was born on Gemenon to Runjee and Ziva David, who are in a polygamous marriage. Her childhood was fairly a normal one. She was like her father, mechanically inclined. Her father ran a small civilian ship port, which she was working at when she was able to walk. When she wasn’t working with her father repairing small space craft, she was home schooled with other mother, Hela, also, she was learning how to shot, how to make explosives (which she is very good at).
Then the first Cylon War broke out. This was when her family really shined when they kept setting booby traps for the Cylon Warriors and their other war machines. When the war ended her father, grandfather and many uncles made a killing by field stripping disabled Colonial and Cylon vehicles.
Shortly after turning 15 she had gotten pregnant, by Johnathon Chrisjenson, who was 23 and already married to Mikeal and Annabeth. Her parents forced him to marry her so her parents didn’t have to deal with a bastard child.
She had given birth to her second child when right before she was selected by someone in the Soldiers of the One to join the Military. She didn’t want to be in the Military, so she followed her orders and enlisted. Lucky for her that she was so experienced with small shuttles, fighters, and Raptors.
Her other stroke of luck, placed her at the Training base on Gemenon, this is when she went after her teaching degree. This is where she was posted for years. After she finished her schooling in Teaching, she ended up joining the Bases training team. This was also part of the fact that she had got knocked up again by one of her husbands, which the Military didn’t know that she was a part of a polygamous marriage. She spent the next 10 years teaching the new crop of Knuckle Draggers. This is where she had earned her Call Sign of Mom, which she, also, got her own wings (because she already held a civilian pilots license and is rated on the old Viper Mk1’s and the Talon’s)
Adult Life When she finally got assigned to a Battlestar, she was oddly happy about the posting. She was assigned to the deck gang Training team on the Battlestar Uned, which was an Academy Training vessel. She spent the next 10 years here. The Pilots and Knuckle draggers kept up on using her Call Sign, instead of her name or rank. Even some of the other Trainers started calling her Mom.
She returned to teaching at the Gemenon Academy base. It was 2 years after she started teaching again, that she took a 9 month leave of absence. She was going to visit her eldest pregnant daughter at the Hera Memorial Hospital. As she was walking up she spotted her daughter and her daughters husbands and wife. Then one of her Husbands turned and shouted about this is for the one true god. She picked herself up off the ground nearly 50 yards away from the front of the hospital. She was in total shock that she had witnessed the death of her baby, her grandbabies, and her sons and daughter-in-law’s, with a bomb that she had made some years ago.
She took off to get some closure at these deaths. That was when she went to the Soldiers of the One main base and told them that she was out. Someone ordered the death of her daughter, Millie. She was told that the only way out of the Soldiers of the One was in a body bag. She only smiled and pulled out her detonator and pressed the button. The area that housed the compounds vehicles exploded. She told them that she had spent many years wiring the compound with explosives, and only she knew where they were all at. The head of the Soldiers allowed her to leave the group, but she didn’t know that when she returned to the base, she was served with divorce papers from her husband (the one the Colonies recognized), which she signed right away. She was, also, informed that she was being ex-communicated from the Church. So no one in her family will have anything to do with her.
Recent Events Her only option was to return to active service. She was ready to retire from the Military at that point. Once she returned to active service, she requested a space posting. She was assigned to the only posting available, the Battlestar Prometheous as her Chief of the Deck. She accepted and took all her belongings and departed to her new home.

Service Record

Service Record BCH 30 to 28 years Academy
BCH 28 to 26 years Teacher Schooling
BCH 28 to 26 years Assigned to Gemenon Flight Academy
BCH 26 to 16 years Teaching at the Academy (At this time she earned her Military Pilot Wings with the Raptors) (Already held a civilian pilots license with the Viper MK1’s and the old Talon’s)
BCH 16 to 6 years Battlestar Uned (Academy Training Vessel)
BCH 6 to 3 years Battlestar Triton
BCH 3 to 1 year Returned to Teaching at the Gemenon Academy
BCH 1 year to 6 months Before the Cylon Holocaust Leave of Absence
6 months Before the Cylon Holocaust to Present (Year 0001) Battlestar Prometheus