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Ensign Cadmus Mordo

Name Cadmus Norrell Mordo

Position Viper Pilot

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Nickname/Alias Cad
Callsign: Hunter
Home Colony Picon
Date of Birth YR 96
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Gender Male
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Colour Honey Brown
Eye Colour Sea Blue
Physical Description Cadmus stands at 5 feet and severn inches, short cropped brown hair and warm complexion. Generally cadmus keeps his appearance quite well, always making sure to wash regularly, the first thing you tend to notice about the young viper pilot is his eyes, they are like small pools of water against his warm skin tone. Cadmus has a few scars running the length of his left arm, from his time spent in the academy when he was fixing a vipers engine, the engine dislodged and fell on his arm luckily a deck hand was around to help him get the hulking piece of metal hoisted off his arm and he was sent directly to the academy’s medical officer to have it look out.

Cadmus more often than not, will wear his on duty blues if he isn't flying his viper, always tried to keep them as pristine as he can, off cuty cadmus tends to wear t-shirts, jeans and trainers providing his has them to hand or has the rack time to spare to be in civilian clothes.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cadmus is quite a strong minded young man, he has always been quite tenacious and open to most things. Cadmus has always been a very jovial person, he always tends to put others over himself. He has quite stark beliefs in the gods also, his patron god poseidon, he has always believed very strongly in the religion of the 12 colonies, he takes his religion very seriously and has always been very devoted to his belief in the gods.

As a piolt he has always followed orders and doesn't often times does not need to disobey orders, he earned the nickname “hunter” in the academy during his training when he would chase down raiders like he was hunting them live a wolf stalks its prey.
Strengths +Good Piolt
+Good with people
+Helpful in most situations
Weaknesses -Tends to get himself in trouble
-Shooting before asking questions
Ambitions +Serve the colonial fleet
+Make Cag One day
Interests +Reading
+Tinckering with Viper Engines
+Card Games

Personal Ties

Partner(s) NA
Children NA
Parent Gar Mordo (dead)
Parent Sophia Mordo (dead)
Extended Family Grandparents (franklin and Jezera Mordo) (Dead)
Friends Jennifer Jackson (Presumed KIA at Zero Hour)

Gale Mordecai (presumed KIA at zero hour)

Enemies Cylons

Personal History

Early Life Cadmus was brought up on picon to colonial fleet veterans Sophia and Gar Mordo, he was brought up in the heart of picon, his father and mother were both fleet captains, his father commanded the gunstar hermes and his mother was a chief medical officer on the battlestar poseidon. He lived alot of his life with his grandparents when his parents were detached on there ships, which meant cadmus very rarely saw his parents.

His grandparents raised him in there town house, his parents would return home every six month to see him when they were given leave from there posts. All through Cadmus’s life at school he had aspirations of joining the colonial fleet as a viper pilot, cadmus made very little friends save for Jennifer Jackson and Gale mordecai, they were his best friends. All through school the three of them became known as the three musketeers.

During school however Cadmus became something of an outcast to his peers, he dident fit in with alot of them and in some ways, he refused to. Jennifer and Gale were the only friends he needed, though as with any school experience bullying was rife, one such bully was gaden Moretz, he relentlessly picked on Cadmus. Cadmus was a good kid, but even he had his limits, and one day he lost those limits and a fight broke out at lunch.

Thankfully the principle of the school saw the situation for what it really was, a child defending himself from relentless bullying, gadens family were wealthy and after this little infraction and many more before it, he was sent to an all-boys school, private school at that and he was never seen or herd of again.

Adult Life All three of them graduated school and went straight into the colonial military academy, gale and cadmus ooted for flight training whilst Jennifer went in for marine training. Both the boys knew where they wanted to get to and they would do anything to get to where they needed. Both of them earned their call signs hunter and force respectfully. Their training squadron was the 25th squadron “The hammers”

With the "Hammers" Cadmus and gale became very good at what they did, not the best by any stretch, but good enough. Cadmus grew fond of the squadron and made very good friends, he knew tha eventually they would all go on to their first assignments and that would mean breaking up the squadron and friends he had held dear for more than 4 years.

On the day of their graduation, the whole squadron went out for drinks, bar hopping and just having fun, however, one of the group had gotten into an altercation in one of the bars and was sent home. Cadmus managed to make it all night before he threw his guts up after a round of shots, gale manged to bundle him into a taxi and get him back to the barracks before passing out parade would start.

Both gale and cadmus's family were at the passing out ceremony, where both boys became fully commisoned officers of the colonial fleet, 4 years of solid hard work had finaly payed off and now there new adventure woudl start, it was the proudest day of cadmus's life a day he had waited 4 long years for to finally say he was an officer in the colonial fleet.

Recent Events Cadmus has just been assigned the Battlestar Prometheus, Straight out of the acadmey, this is his first assignment upon graduating. Hoping for a little less action than his father had seen in the first cylon war, however, soon enough he will be thrust right into the center of humanity's last fight for survival

Service Record

Service Record Colonial Millitary Acadamy (Flight Squadron 25 "The Hammers")


Assigned Battlestar Prometheus (Viper Piolt)