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Lieutenant Colonel Maya Cavati

Name Maya Carmella Cavati

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Basic Information

Home Colony Sagittaron
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Physical Description Maya has a naturally golden brown complexion, shoulder length black hair and eyes that are a shade lighter than black. Her body type is rather athletic with modest curve and compact musculature. She has two prominent tattoos running up her forearms in black scrollwork script. The left arm reads ‘Noah’ and the right arm reads ‘Hunter’. She wears her and her husband’s wedding bands on the chain with her dog tags when not wearing her band. On first approach, Maya typically comes off as somewhat grumpy and serious. She doesn’t tend to smile often.

Personality & Traits

General Overview At the very core of Maya’s being she’s a very stubborn person. She adopts responsibilities in personal relationships that she was never asked to be taken on and makes them her own out of a sense of loyalty. People who frequent her general location- whether she particularly likes them or not- get clumped into the ‘mine’ category and are therefore watched over. Again, regardless of whether they want her to, or not.

There’s a sentimental streak to Maya. She keeps mementos, letters, videos. Maya puts a bear minimum into downtime activities to keep up appearances. Being idle brings too much to bear that she won’t properly confront. All of her pain, anger and resentment gets picked apart and buried, piled high with things to keep her busy, thinking, doing.

If left to her own devices Maya will still cram training of any kind rather than do downtime. She has no issues being personable- in fact she tends to be somewhat of a nurturer, taking on a sibling role with just about any of ‘her’ people regardless of age or creed. Her off-time distance is based solely off of her own need to stay focused beyond her problems and shortcomings, not fear of personal relationships.
Strengths S - Loyal to a fault to the people she declares ‘hers’
S - Can get along with just about anyone
S – Tough as nails
Weaknesses W - Prone to depression
W - Internalizes problems, issues, angers, fears
W – Tends to push herself too hard/overwork
Ambitions At this point Maya’s only ambition is to serve until she dies. She wants a good death. Something meaningful, not like her family’s.
Interests Curiously enough, Maya is an avid reader with a penchant for hard boiled mysteries and action stories. She has a little box that she collects little things that hold important memories to her that to most people would just be a random collection of odd junk. Playing cards, jogging, looking after her peers: that’s the summation of her hobbies. When pressed, she can dance.

Personal Ties

Partner(s) Noah Cavati, deceased
Children Hunter Cavati, deceased
Parent Unknown
Parent Karina Vero - Mother, Unknown
Sibling(s) Kim Jorges, sister
Extended Family Brother in Law – Roman Jorges
Niece – Olivia Jorges
Grandmother – Benecia Formanda
Grandfather – Osvaldo Formanda
Uncle – Jairo Formanda
Uncle – Neron Formanda
Aunt – Sisa Formanda
Aunt – Mercedes Formanda
Cousin – Michelle Formanda
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A

Personal History

Early Life Maya’s childhood was full of very important figures. Her grandparents, her sister, her uncles and aunts, neighbors and friends, authoritarians and heroes. Neither of her parents had any role in her life, but that wasn’t much of a loss from what she’d been told. She had more than a lion’s share of people taking a hand in her upbringing. Maya wanted to be a painter most days of the week, occasionally an archaeologist or a famous singer. She grew up mowing lawns, raking leaves and helping out with the family repair business.

By the time she was 16 all dreams of loftier goals had drifted away. To her the idea that she would spend the rest of her life fixing soffits and laying tile wasn’t that bad. It was safe and comfortable like an old sweater, and besides: she was needed. Her sister Kim needed someone constantly on her back over following through on her school work. Noah, her best friend since the 4th grade, always had to have someone with him to give him a hand since he had such stifling medical issues. Grandma Bena had such bad arthritis- there was always an excuse not to look into college. Not to follow up on that scholarship.
Adult Life Maya’s senior year, she and Noah finally started officially dating. Two months before graduation they already had a child on the way. Needless to say the wedding was small and quick and shortly thereafter they moved into Maya’s bedroom in her grandparent’s home. It wasn’t extravagant, but again, Maya was happy. Noah continued following his dream of becoming a writer and she continued on with the family business same as it ever was.

Hunter’s birth was an absolute joy. Same as his mother, he was born in that house in the same room surrounded by people who loved him. The joy of the event didn’t get to last too long as shortly afterwards Noah was officially diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS. His initial treatments made it painfully obvious that big changes had to come about because even with so many people chipping in, wages and welfare in addition- there was no way that they could afford all that was needed to make do. As a family the Formanda/Cavati family sat down and discussed at length what the options were. In the end the military offered the most amount of aid the fastest.

It didn’t take long for Maya to decide that she utterly hated being in the military. Still quitting wasn’t an option that she could live with. She put everything that she could into towing the line and piling all her thoughts behind future miracles to come. Noah was seeing better therapies and *would* respond favorably. Leave would come and she’d go home to see her baby. Classes taken over the net counted towards a college credits that the military was paying for, ensuring that when she was done with the corps she’d have a job that could support the family. In essence everything would play out if she just stuck to her guns, so Maya did.

Her resolve matured into an all new kind of beast. The responsibility and community that had served her so thoroughly through her youth became this circle that she created around her with everyone that she served with whether she particularly liked them or not. Why she was there grew beyond Noah and Hunter and the rest of her family into this idea that she was doing the right thing over all.

Maya was two months into a mission when she received word that her husband and son had died in a an accident. She was sent home in a surreal haze. The idea that Noah had been dying had been a very real idea. Every time she saw him he’d been more and more fragile. But Hunter hadn’t been ill. He’d been five. Perfectly, wholly, undeniably, wonderfully five years old..

A glitch in traffic protocol programs had caused the accident: no one had been to blame. There was no one to be angry at. Because of his preexisting conditions Noah had had no life insurance. Neither of them had ever thought to put any on Hunter, so the funerals came with a small mountain of bills that added more insult to injury. Despite family advice and all kinds of sympathetic suggestions Maya withdrew and compartmentalized in order to stay functioning. She packed up what she could, got rid of what she couldn’t, took out loans to cover all the bills and bided time until she could go back to doing what made sense. Suddenly home had become exactly where she didn’t want to be.
Recent Events When she returned to active duty, Maya purposefully packed her schedule to keep herself busy. She made a habit of picking up extra training even after she finished her college courses that became a running preoccupation over the next year. The general haze settled into a kind of measured distance. From mission to mission Maya piled on the responsibilities to keep herself busy. When her term was up she reenlisted for another 8 years and continued the same unfaltering path, sending money back home.

Back at home her family continued to grow. Her sister married and had a child, her uncles had settled down. She’d talk to them briefly or write them letters, but she avoided going back home as much as possible. Her love for her family and the community didn’t change at all, but she found herself inwardly despising them for having what she’d lost.

Service Record