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Captain Minerva Graystone

Name Minerva Marie Graystone

Position Phaethon Commander

Rank Captain

Basic Information

Home Colony Virgon
Date of Birth 02/19/32 BH
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Gender Female
Height 5'5”
Weight 135 pounds
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue

Personality & Traits

Strengths Highly Intelligence
Excellent Agility, Endurance, and Strength
Weaknesses Plagued with Nightmares
Ambitions To find a new home for the many Colonists that are on board.
Interests Writing

Personal Ties

Partner(s) None
Children None
Parent Father: Albert Graystone (Dead)
Parent Mother: Wendy Graystone (Dead)
Sibling(s) None
Extended Family None
Friends Will Update as it happens
Enemies None at the moment

Personal History

Early Life She was born on Virgon to a Wealthy business man who Built ships. He held many Military contracts, so it was easy for him to get his hands on Military Technologies. As she grew into womanhood, she started to have strange dreams, and most of them was leaving the Colonies behind. These dreams haunted her as she grew.
Adult Life When she turned 18 she went to college to study Business and Business Law. She was barely 2 years in college when there was an accident, and her parents where killed. Well they where murdered by a bomber from the Soldiers of the One. She took direct control of her Father's business. Many of the Board where displeased with this. She made a deal with them, that if she was able to construct a ship of her own design, she would turn the Company over to them, without any complaints. They agreed and she allowed them to run the Company as they felt was right, except they couldn't stop or cut funding to her ship project.

She used many of her Father's Military contacts to get her hands upon Military technologies. Granted that much of this technologies where from the First Cylon War, from decommissioned Battlestars, Patrolstars and Assualtstars. It took nearly 12 years to fully build this ship, as there were a few revisions to the design, and getting the Bio-domes ecosystem stable. In the last year she started to mass recruitment of people were wanting something better in life.

She loaded the ship with as much supplies as she could as she started to get her Colonists onboard. So a week before she was to leave port, she filed the ship's make and name with the Government. This ship she called the Phaethon. When the day finally arrived she finished the last of her loading of Colonists and supplies, and then they left. She sent one last transmission to the Colonies, before they jumped.

Service Record

Service Record No Military Record on File