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Major Jaro Hofmann

Name Jaro Hofmann

Position Officer of the Watch

Rank Major

Basic Information

Callsign: Grizz
Home Colony Canceron
Date of Birth YR64
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Gender Female
Height 6'2"
Weight 220lbs
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Blue
Physical Description Tall and muscular with short red hair, a receding hairline and a neat well-groomed beard.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaro is honest, dedicated and values tradition and order. He believes that tasks should be done properly, and to completion, taking a dim view of anyone who may take shortcuts or alter the method.
Strengths Jaro believes strongly in the chain of command and in doing things ‘by the book’. He can be relied upon to execute his duties with care and precision, is loyal to his commanding officer and provides direct and honest opinion when it is asked for.
Weaknesses The ‘book’ can’t cover every possible situation though and so Jaro struggles with unconventional situations in which there is no defined or recommended action to take. He is reluctant to entertain unproven ideas or to improvise strategies, making him seem inflexible and stubborn.
He feels that officers should maintain a certain level of dignity and so whilst he does enjoy social situations, he will act in a restrained manner on board the ship and amongst colleagues and can be judgemental towards those who he feels are trading dignity for fun.
Ambitions Jaro hopes to command his own ship one day, however his advancement has been hindered by his indecisiveness in unconventional situations. He observes the decisions of the command staff and is attempting to learn from them in order to improve his own performance.
Interests Jaro enjoys physical combat sports, particularly boxing and wrestling. It allows him to blow off steam and he believes that the skills involved are valuable for military personnel to have.

Personal Ties

Parent Edward Hofmann (Father)
Parent Helen Hofmann (Mother)
Sibling(s) Aaron Hofmann (Brother)
Extended Family Dolores Grey (Grandmother)

Personal History

Early Life Jaro was born in YR64 in Hades, the capital city of Canceron. He was the first child of Dad and mom, but was raised mostly by his grandmother whilst his father undertook work as a farmhand far from the city and his mother worked in a food processing plant. The arrangement meant that the family could afford to live in a small house, in one of the less troubled suburbs of Hades.
Trouble was never far away though. The massive population of Canceron meant that essentials such as housing and food always seemed to be in short supply. Large areas of makeshift housing would appear all around Hades as desperate people tried to solve the problem for themselves. Children from these slums ended up in the same schools as the local population, causing tension and conflict within the classroom. Jaro was never one to back down from a fight and was unfortunately in trouble often, despite performing well academically.
Seeing his potential, the principal of the school suggested that Jaro should attend a military school instead of a regular high school, arguing that the discipline enforced there should help him steer clear of trouble that could otherwise lead to expulsion and a damaged permanent record. His parents agreed and so Jaro was sent to the Hades Colonial Institute, a residential school funded from the defense budget, but with an obligation to serve on graduation.
Jaro loved the Institute, the strict rules and the military tradition made him feel like he belonged to something worthwhile and bigger than himself, or even the whole colony. It also made him feel that he had a path away from Canceron and the constant battle to stay out of poverty.
No longer having to provide for Jaro, his parents had another child, Aaron, who Jaro only saw during holidays.
Adult Life On graduation from the Institute, Jaro like most of his peers were fed into the Colonial Military Academy which combined a college level education with a rigorous officer training program. He gained a reputation for being grumpy whenever other cadets engaged in horseplay, and since he has a large frame they started calling him Grizz for lumbering around growling at everyone.

Service Record

Service Record Battlestar Athena
YR82-85 (Ensign) Helm Control Officer
YR85-89 (Lt JG) Relief Tactical Officer
YR89-96 (Lt) Tactical Officer

Battlestar Prometheus
YR96- (Lt) Tactical Officer