The Sim

Battlestar Prometheus

An angel of mercy among the devastation, Aerilon's pride and joy is the military might of the refugee convoy. Believed lost during the attacks on the Colonies, Prometheus was conducting her final mission before decommissioning: Orders come down from Picon High Command, however: Caprica University students and faculty from the Archaeology department got permission from Picon High Command, through an influential Caprican Admiral, to take their shuttle out beyond the Red Zone. Clio Anchorage comm relay had been down for a retrofit for longer than expected but the scientists hadn't jumped back to the Cyrannus system on an agreed-upon time. Jumping out beyond the Red Zone themselves, Prometheus was able to gather survivors before fleeing the Hestia system.

The Refugee Convoy

From what little can be gleaned from the chaos of The Fall of the Colonies, only some 6,200 souls survive- the 6,200 souls that comprise the refugee convoy led by the Battlestar Prometheus and Patrolstar Cygnus. They are, as far as we are concerned, all that is left of humanity.

Patrolstar Cygnus


The Patrolstar Cygnus was discovered escorting a motley convoy of civilians out of the warzone. The Cygnus is a fairly new Patrolstar that escaped the initial attack on Picon while it was testing out its new FTL engines. It briefly jumped to Tauron to help engage only to find most of the fleet completely decimated and falling into Tauron's gravitational pull.

The Patrolstar Cygnus is a Cygnus-class Corvette which only has a small number of tube-launched Raptors and Vipers. It otherwise defends itself as a missile boat. It was able to coordinate with two Gunstars in its recovery actions- the Hector and the Agatharcus- but neither Gunstar returned to the rendezvous coordinates at Celerion Anchorage.

Caprica University Aeolius Shuttle

PASSENGER: 13 (3 professors and 10 students)

The Shuttle Aeolius is the property of Caprica University's Interdisciplinary Sciences Symposium, a thinktank that encourage field study for undergraduate and graduate students. The Aeolius was beyond the Red Zone around the star Hestia B looking at the ruins of an ancient, extinct civilization.

The Aeolius is capable of a limited number of FTL jumps and is based on a civilian version of a Raptor. It is capable of landing on a planet, can transport as many as sixty people in an emergency, and has an auxiliary bay with an all-terrain vehicle stowed. It has no weapons.

Goliath of Psommos

CREW: 44

Simply known as "The Goliath," this superbulk freighter from Canceron is almost seventy years old. It belongs to the Green Iapeton Freight and Shipping Combine, a group of almost a half-dozen companies that pooled their money for this giant.

The Goliath is massive- the same size as a Jupiter-class Battlestar, making it the largest ship in the fleet- including the Prometheus. The Goliath of Psommos carries a wide array of cargo, most of which was due at berth on Troy to refurbish the new colony there. It escaped the destruction of Troy by mere minutes, delaying its jump from Canceron when the initial "Shelter in Place" order was put out by Picon Command.

Grace of St. Philo of Luminiere


The Grace of Saint Philo of Luminiere has a Leonis registry and is owned by the Conclave of the Devoted to Saint Philo's Blessings.

The followers of Saint Philo are a group of priests, nuns, monks and laymen who were on their way for an annual symposium on intercolonial faith and the "Crisis of Decline" among the people of the Colonies. Among their numbers are the Mother Metropolitan- the ranking nun and administrator of the nunneries on Leonis, and the Archdeacon to the One of Leonis, a representative of Leonis' splinter monotheist sect.

The Grace is a new, somewhat small passenger liner with comfortable amenities specially outfitted to allow monks and nuns to cloister in transit.

Hephaeston Pride

CREW: 870

The Hephaeston Pride is registered to a Tauron aerospace engineering firm, Hypation Construction. Its board members and company supervisors have a tendency to be settled Taurons while a large number of the lower-rung workers are native Tauron Ha'la'tha. Racial tensions continue to simmer aboard this vessel.

Normally this large construction supply storage and open-space manufacturing flatbed are stationary near one of the many construction yards, but it does move services as needed. Most of its materials are industrial and civilian grade- the company was never cleared for military-grade construction. What it was doing around Celerion Anchorage during the Holocaust is unknown.

Mobile Rig 215 and Rig Tug

CREW: 744 + 3 aboard the Tug

Mobile Rig 215 is owned by the Canceron Global Coalition Government as part of the Colonial Canceron Engineering Corps. This massive rig is normally stationary in Canceron's various LaGrange points to its moon but is mobile in that it can jump itself to temporary worker locations. It relies on a powerful tug to otherwise pull it into position.

Rig 215 is a large tylium storage and processing factory. It normally produces fuel-grade tylium for the Colonial Militia but just before the attack, its systems had been taken offline for repairs and extensive cleaning to remove tylium residue (which can be highly explosive).

Ophion Pioneer

CREW: 255

The Ophion Pioneer is a fairly large Tylium mining vessel with capacities to refine and process civilian-grade tylium aboard. The Ophion Pioneer is part of the Sagittaron Merchant Marines.

As its name suggests, the Ophion Pioneer's miners and engineers primarily work around the moons of Ophion to extract Sagittaron's tylium ore quotas there- a claim that has been drying up for the last decade.

It was about to jump home to deliver its refined fuel stores when the Shelter in Place order from Picon Command went out. It jumped to open space and went dark.

Soul of Arcadia

CREW: 200

Registered to Arcadia Luxury Cruises and Casinos of Scorpia, the Soul of Arcadia is a smallish sized, ultraluxury cruiseliner and casino for vacationers- rich and otherwise prestigious vacationers. The Soul of Arcadia has a mix of retirees, wealthy magnates and minor politicians aboard and will likely form the backbone of any budding civilian (or more likely corporate) representation of the fleet's affairs.

The Soul of Arcadia was on a cruise from Virgon to Scorpia, and many of the magnates aboard are from Virgon. It had completed a jump to see the Rings of Ophion when the call to Shelter in Place went out.

Spirits of Sagittaron Team Transport

PASSENGERS: 68 (including the team, coaches, trainers, support staff, cheerleaders and medics)

The Spirits of Sagittaron are one of the Professional League Pyramid franchises in the Colonies... and far from one of the All-Stars. The Spirits have had a twelve-year losing streak and were on their way home from an exposition game on Scorpia, playing during the off-season.

The Spirits' transport is the on-season shuttle that they use for games and acts as a mobile medical facility, dormitory, and recreation deck for the pampered (but less pampered than the all-stars) players. The ship, which is quite venerable, normally only makes short jumps to FTL for emergencies. There is real concern about if this vessel will tolerate multiple jumps to FTL.

Spynrad Zephyr of Industry

CREW: 47

The Spynrad Zephyr of Industry is a medium-sized megacorporate freighter registered through Spynrad Logistics and Supply's Caprica subsidiaries. The freighter carries primarily electronic supplies, computers and a lot of consumer-level creature comfort products. Its power and lighting capacity make it ideal for a future hydroponics ship.

Tw33k Thrillz


Tw33k Thrillz has been on various Colonial watch lists for a couple of years now. Owned by a wealthy adult entertainment producer from Caprica, Tw33k Thrillz intentionally ventures out into interplanetary space that is technically beyond any jurisdiction of the Colonies.

The wealthy owners of this pleasure yacht use the loopholes in interplanetary law to engage in otherwise illegal drug use, throw binge parties and host celebrations for the models, support staff and bankrollers of Tw33k Productions.

The Tw33k Thrillz is a luxury racing yacht which quickly arranges to store itself on the deck of the Hephaeston's Pride and is protected by its Captain.