Just Another Routine Patrol

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- Timeline: Holocaust Day, Zero-Hour: + 5
- Star System: Cyrannus
- Ship Status: Docked at Scorpia Fleet Shipyards

On the eve of the entire Colonial Fleet coming to a standstill for the live broadcast of the Battlestar Galactica's decommissioning ceremony, the Battlestar Prometheus waits at the Scorpia Shipyards before undergoing her scheduled six month overhaul. Most of the crew is taking some much needed shore leave. However, orders come down from Picon Fleet Headquarters for the Prometheus to ready herself for a new mission: a routine patrol in the merchant shipping lanes. The crew is recalled, and the scheduled overhaul canceled. As the ship leaves the dock, she leaves behind the new Command Navigation Program upgrades. It seems the Admiralty believes the Prometheus can accomplish her mission without them.

Part of The Second Exodus

Zero Hour

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Our Legacy

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