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Back to the Old Grind

Posted on Wed Mar 2nd, 2022 @ 10:52pm by Lieutenant Luke "Gonzo" Wright & Lieutenant JG Kaitlin "Howler" Roebuck

Mission: Just Another Routine Patrol
Location: Pilot's Berth - Battlestar Prometheus
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1700

Kait lugged her duffel bag over her shoulder as she made her way to the junior pilot's berth. She had been back on Aquaria with her family when the call had come in to return to duty. The journey back to the Prometheus had not improved her mood any as she opened the hatch and found that her customary locker and rack had already been taken.

"Frak me," she said as she spotted a open top bunk and empty locker. She threw her duffel into the locker with a load thud as she rubbed the bridge of her nose with her forefingers. She definitely needed a drink soon.

Luke stepped though the hatchway and into the berthing area. He'd never left the Prometheus. Even though everyone had been granted shore leave, he didn't have anyone to see or anywhere to go, so he volunteered to stay behind for extra duty. He was pretty sure that his superiors worried about him, but he still volunteered.
Luke stowed his helmet and began peeling off his flight gear. Although docked, there was always a need for Raptor pilots. Someone always had to drive the bus, the Raptor pilots joked.

"Hey, was your leave," Gonzo inquired politely.

Kait looked up at Gonzo she sighed. "It was nice, though I wish it had been longer. I was just getting settled back in on Aquaria before I got the recall order," she said as she began unbuttoning her duty blues so she could change into her sweats. "You know whats going on," she asked as she opened her new locker and found a hanger for her coat.

Luke continued trading his flight gear for utilities while he listened to Howler. He was kind of jealous; he didn’t have a family to go home to. No brothers or sisters to fight with; no mom and dad that doted on him. If he went on leave, it was usually just him on a beach with a board.
"Huh," he said, Howler's question pulling him out of his head.
" I have no idea. But upper command has been pretty quiet about it. I stopped by CIC on my way out earlier and that blabby specialist in the Comms section didn't even know anything, you know? Kinda crazy...."
Luke rubbed a hand through his hair and thought about the situation a moment. Then a thought hit him...
"But then again...maybe it's nothing, you know? Nobody's talkin' 'cause there's nothing to talk about," he offered.

Kait nodded as she slipped her boots off and pulled her sweats out of her duffle. She laid them on the table and began undoing her belt buckle and taking her trousers off. "True, but If it was nothing I wouldn't have been called back," she said as she pulled her sweat bottoms on. She stopped and looked over at him, "So what have I missed?"

"I don't know...I've been shuttling people back to Prometheus since the recall order was issued," Luke explained.
"But it's been all kinds, you know? Lower enlisted, junior officers, senior staff... everybody's coming back. Weird...," he said.

"Well, here's hoping we don't have to sit around too long and wait," she said pulling on her sweat top and looking up at the clock. She noticed the time and looked over at him. "I don't know about you, but I could go for some chow. Care to join me," she asked.

Luke slid into his utility top and thought about it for a moment. He even consulted his chronometer....hard to believe it had been several hours since he last ate something. He'd been flying all day, cramming protein meal bars down when he had two minutes between flights.

"Yeah, alright. I could eat long as it's not that weird stew dish that the cook came up with; that had me in the head all night long, chucking my guts up," Luke explained, chuckling.

Kait shot him a look as the exited the berth and begain making their way to the pilot's mess, "Oh no, don't tell me that he's been experimenting again with the food." While the ship cooks normally made some pretty good chow, the head cook was notorious for experimenting with different recipes. "I swear, every time we are at the dock, he starts frakking shit up."

"He hasn't yet, thank the Gods! But if we're stuck in port much longer, he might start up again," Luke said, grinning. He stepped off, going down this corridor and then through that hatchway, past Ready Rooms and through several more hatchways, leading Kait toward the Pilot's Mess.
"Has your squadron gotten any more Nuggets," Luke asked, as he ducked through the final hatchway to the Pilot's Mess. His squadron hadn't received any but he suspected that was because no one "wanted" to fly Raptors the way folks wanted to fly Vipers.

"I haven't heard yet, but scuttlebutt was we should be getting a whole group of nuggets. Some going to us vipers, some in your squadron too," she said before looking over and giving him an eyebrow waggle, "Sounds like they are greener than the baby food."

"Gods, were we all that green," Luke asked, his face wrinkling up in reaction to Howler's baby food comment.
"How did we ever make it past Nuggets? Or is that why CAG don't look so frakkin' young anymore," Luke asked playfully.

She laughed at his comment as they entered the mess and took their spot in the line, "The CAG doesn't look so young because his experienced jocks like to push his buttons. But if his hair isn't grey now, I'm sure these nuggets will push him over the edge." She looked at him again with a grin.

Luke grinned at Kait's comment. She was right; the more experienced the pilot, the more they had to be watched. And that translated to many a late night for CAG because of the ratio of experienced pilots in the air group.
"That's the truth," Luke agreed as he moved up and grabbed a plate. He moved through the line, picking his chow out, and then spotted a couple of seats for him and Howler. Sitting down, he didn't realize how hungry he was until the food was in front of him. He dug in with gusto, thanking the gods that Chef hadn't had time to start experimenting with the food after all.

He looked around the mess and noticed that the room was almost full to capacity. Seeing the amount of pilots in the mess made him think that the recall was close to being complete, if not there already. That made him wonder, not for the first time, what the reason for the recall was. Only time would tell, he told himself.


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