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Departure Day

Posted on Sun Mar 27th, 2022 @ 1:21pm by Commander Thomas Englehorne & Major Jaro Hofmann & Captain J.T. "Winter Soldier" Gibbs & Captain Jamie Perth & Lieutenant Luke "Gonzo" Wright & Ensign Cadmus Mordo & Master Chief Petty Officer Jorja-An Chrisjenson & Chief Petty Officer Laurada Moseri

Mission: Just Another Routine Patrol
Location: Various Locations - Battlestar Prometheus
Summary: The Battlestar Prometheus and her battlestar group depart the Scorpia Fleet Shipyards to begin their patrol.
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1300

Combat Information Center

The marine guard opened the hatch and saluted as Thoms stepped over the threshold and into the CIC. There was a familiar buzz to the crew, and for good reason. Thomas was proud of his crew. The speed of the turnaround to get the ship ready was impressive. With only a handful of those who hadn't been able to return, nearly the entire crew had reported aboard and worked diligently to get the ship ready to leave. He made his way over to the command table where he saw Colonel Agrinion standing in his usual spot. He nodded to the XO before looking towards Major Hofmann.

"Well Major, ship status," Thomas asked as the DRADIS console began to descend from above.

Major Hofmann looked up from the screen he'd been using to track their departure readiness. "The personnel transport bringing back the last of our crew has just departed, sir. Stores have completed the inventory of the supplies that we have received and I can confirm that we now have a full complement of weapons, vipers and raptors."

"Excellent, and now I think our crew should finally find out why all the fuss," Thomas replied as he picked up the phone from its cradle and flipped the switches adjacent on the console to connect his line with the intraship address system. He looked over at the communications station, "Chief, patch me in to the rest of the battle group."

"Aye, Sir," Moseri replied as she opened the communications to all the ships in the battle group requesting they standby by for a message from the CO. As soon as she got confirmation that the lines were indeed open she lifted her head to Thomas, "All coms open and ready, Sir."

Thomas keyed the phone as the attention signal sounded throughout the ship, "Attention, This is the Commander."


Jamie had just managed to discharge Mr Palmieri from his sickbay when the CO's sudden, booming voice came through the overhead. It was quite jarring, in fact, thanks to the rather old intercom speakers that obviously had no volume control. The announcement came right after a blaring signal demanding the attention of every soul on board.

Pilot's Ready Room

Gibbs turns away from the whiteboard and looks at the intercom speaker, then turned back to the pilots. "Everyone shut your traps!"

Luke put down the pen he was writing notes with and looked at the speaker when he heard the Commander's voice. He glanced around the Ready Room and noticed that the other pilots had done the same.

Cadmus was in the ready room, trying to concentrate. All the newness of his first position whiring around his head as he watched the commander from his seat, people were talking all around him and it was deafening at points, as soon as the heard the CAG's voice ring out he snapped right to attention, eyes facing forward and attention on full alert.

Hanger Deck

Jorja-An whistled loudly to get her crew's attention. Then she tapped her ear and everyone stopped what they where doing, and listened.

Combat Information Center

"First, I would like to apologize to all those shipmates who were pulled back early from your leave. While I would like to say that it won't happen again, I know I wouldn't be able to keep that promise. Second, I would like to personally commend each and every one of you for the outstanding work you've done getting us ready to depart. I spoke earlier with the dock superintendent, and he said we had performed the quickest turnaround he has seen in a while. You should all be proud of this achievement, as I am proud of you," Thomas began as he looked around at the CIC crew who stopped to listen to him.

Jaro gave a nod of acknowledgment when the Commander's eyes met his. There was a certain pleasure to be had from overseeing an operation that had gone like clockwork. Everyone had done their jobs correctly and efficiently, requiring no intervention from him.

Laurada smiled, knowing that they were about to go off on what seemed like a fluff mission hadn't deterred Command in making sure that all crew were at least thanked for their dedication. The fast turnaround was just an added bonus they could be proud of.

Pilot's Ready Room

Gibbs grins and looks over the pilots assembled in his ready room. He wasn't happy to pull some from leave but what's done is done.

Luke nodded, noncommittally, at the announcement. He wasn't surprised that they were being commended on the turn-around. They had all pulled together and busted their respective humps to get it done because the Commander had ordered it. Luke didn't think there was many hands on the Prometheus that wouldn't put out when the Commander asked. He was that kind of leader.

Cadmus smiled as he listened to the announcement, a little tip of his head and a salute was all that was needed. His first assignment aboard a battlestar and he was on the Prometheus a ship with so much rich history and crew that were second to none.

Hanger Deck

Jorja-An smirked at the announcement. She knew that she did push her kids hard on getting the flight deck ready for combat stations.

Combat Information Center

"Now, I know the scuttlebutt has been working overtime to figure out what our mission is. Well, allow me to put the rumors to rest. Picon Fleet Headquarters and the Admiralty have given us the task of patrolling the merchant shipping lanes between Tauron and Virgon. Recent Tauron separatist activity has forced the Admiralty to increase the Fleet's presence to reassure the Civilian Commerce Authority. Headquarters wants a show of force, and they couldn't have asked for a better crew to get the job done," Thomas continued.

He knew a patrol mission lay ahead from his route planning, but Jaro hadn't needed to know who had been causing the trouble that made their mission necessary. He'd guessed at the Tauron separatists and was satisfied to hear that he'd been right.

While Laurada had already had an idea of the mission, she still thought sending the Prommie to patrol a bunch of merchant shipping lanes was a little beneath them. But the show of might would make mauraders pause and perhaps the separatist activity would cease.


Jamie couldn't help but feel a little distant from the upcoming mission. He was more focused with the fact that Fleet Medical Corps had sent an inspector to observe and audit sickbay's activities during this milk run, as part of some accreditation process. A simple patrol over shipping lanes meant a low likelihood of any influx of casualties, which would give the inspector an opportunity to place the spotlight on other measures - things like hand hygiene compliance, proper disposal of Schedule 8 medications, and various time-based targets.

A dull and rather routine patrol for other departments, but not so much for sickbay. Jamie could already envision the inspector's pen hovering over their clipboard, watching like a hawk to see if he would remember to alcohol-sanitize his hands until his skin cracked.

Pilot's Ready Room

Gibbs turned towards the pilots. "Quiet!" he bellowed at the groans of his pilots, as merchant duty was not as glamorous as some assignments, but the Commander was correct this is the best crew.

Luke sighed quietly. Another tour of flag waving? Really? Why not do something more substantial against the Separatists? Luke could understand convoy protection a degree but he didn't think it would do much in this case. That meant lots of flight hours, though....that part was fine by Luke.

Cadmus whilst he looked on and saw his flight all groan, he himself was glad of the assigned mission, somthing to ease him into life on the battlestar, he looked up to the CAG
as he yelled quiet, returning his eyes to his paper to take more notes.

Hanger Deck

Jorja-An just shook her head. Tauron separatist is just a fancy way of saying Pirates. She wondered how many Soldier's of the One are among those pirates.

Combat Information Center

"However, this will not be a pleasure cruise. This mission will present us with a golden opportunity to hone our skills as a ship, battle group, and crew. While it is true we are at peace, we must not forget that our job is to safeguard the lives of every Colonial citizen. While the Prometheus is old, she still has a life to live. Let's ensure that her teeth remain sharp, and let's prove to the rest of the Fleet why we are the best trained, and most highly skilled crew around," Thomas said before pausing and adding, "So say we all!"

"So say we all!" Major Hofmann echoed.

CPO Moseri stood at her station and replied along with others in the CiC, "So say we ALL!"

Pilot's Ready Room

"Thats right." Gibbs grinned at his highly skilled and talented pilots. "So say we all!"

"So Say We All," Luke echoed. He picked up his pen and finished jotting down the Briefing notes that CAG had written. He was part of Alpha Group and would launch with the CAP once they dropped out of FTL. He wanted to be ready to do his part and that meant working hard. He distractedly stole a glance at Kait. She was doing the same – prepping her notes for the CAP assignment. Luke caught himself staring and quickly shook the thoughts from his head. He went back to the kneeboard he was writing on and finished his notes.

Cadmus looked around the room "So say we all!" he yelled, he hadn't been assigned his squadron yet but he wanted and hoped he'd be in alpha flight with the rest so that he could get a taste of the Action.

Gibbs looks out at his pilots, "good luck and good flight. Alpha group report to the hanger you're on deck, you launch as soon as we come out of FTL."

Hanger Deck

Jorja-An sighed as she heard her kids speak the words of prayer. She didn't speak them, as this wasn't her faith. Then she inhaled. "Already kids, I want the CAP ready for launch." She bellowed as her kids went into action.

Combat Information Center

Thomas hung the phone up as the sounds of the crew echoed around him. He looked over at Major Hofmann and smiled slightly, "I have the conn. Clear all moorings, verify all hatches secured."

"All moorings cleared, hatches secured," the helm control officer stated. Thomas looked back up at the DRADIS console.

"Rudder midships, all engines back 1/3," he said as he felt the ship come to life under his feet. The ship began to move out from its berth slowly, and Thomas tracked the progress on the DRADIS screen.

Thomas looked up to the communications station, "Chief, signal the battle group to get underway at their discretion. We will rendezvous at the first jump coordinates in one hour."

Laurada nodded and began the process of relaying the information to the battle group, after getting affirmative replies from every vessel she turned in her seat slightly, "Sir, all ships report ready and confirm rendezvous in one hour at First Jump point.

"All stations report readiness to combat," Thomas called out. The Junior Officer of the Watch nodded and keyed the public address system, "All divisions report readiness to combat."


"CASREC's ready for jump," Jamie murmured over the comm receiver on his desk, preparing himself for the slightly weird feeling he knew he'd get in his stomach with every FTL jump.

Pilot's Ready Room

Moves to the phone and calls the bridge. "Flight group ready and standing by."

Hanger Deck

Jorja-An watched her kids for a few more moments before she stepped over to the phone and called up to the Bridge. "Flight Deck ready and waiting." She said in her Gemenonese accent.

Combat Information Center

Major Hofmann looked towards the Commander. "All divisions report ready, sir."

"Very well," Thomas said as he looked back at the DRADIS, "Hard left rudder, all engines ahead half, five degrees down angle on the bow."

The helm officers carried out the orders before Thomas looked back at Major Hofmann, "Take us to the first jump coordinates."


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