First Jump

Posted on Thu Jun 2nd, 2022 @ 11:00am by Commander Thomas Englehorne & Lieutenant Colonel Maya Cavati & Major Jaro Hofmann & Chief Petty Officer Laurada Moseri

Mission: Just Another Routine Patrol
Location: CIC - Battlestar Prometheus
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1400

Thomas checked his watch before looking back up at the DRADIS console, "Time to jump coordinates?"

"Five minutes at our current speed, Commander." Jaro replied.

"Chief, status of the battlegroup," Thomas called out to Moseri.

Laurada looked up from her coms station to reply, "All vessels reporting in the green for arrival to first coordinates, Commander. No indications of difficulties or late arrival to the provided coordinates. Any new information you wish to rely to the group?"

"No Chief, Have the battlegroup carry out the operation orders, "Thomas said before looking over at Hofmann, "Major, begin jump prep."

Laurada nodded, "Aye, Sir." She then set about the task of relaying to the fleet to proceed with operational orders. She awaited return affirmations from the various vessels and noted each in the com logs as they responded. She knew Englehorne was busy so she didn't bother him with a report that would only be a distraction at the moment.

Jaro performed a sanity check of the jump calculations in the nav system. Their current velocity and trajectory had not changed and so the calculations produced the expected result, confirming that no error had been made. "Jump calculations are complete, Sir." he announced.

Thomas picked up his phone handset and pressed to keys to for the engine room. He heard the line pick up before he spoke into the phone, "Colonel, how do we look for our jump?"

"Golden, Sir," Cavati was quick to answer. With the lack of new tech adding all of the usual kinks and curves that had to be ironed out, she was certain that the ship would leap and turn exactly as it was told to. She was just a little too old fashioned to curse the action with saying something to jinx it. "Every board is green and the power plants are humming along just like they should."

"Very well, stand by for jump prep," Thomas replied before hanging the phone up. He then looked up at Major Hofmann, "Start the jump clock Mr. Hofmann."

"Aye, Sir," Jaro acknowledged. The departments had reported ready and the console showed that the flight pods had locked. "Flight pods rectracted," he reported. "Spooling up FTL ... Jumping in five ... four ... three ... two ... Jump."

Thomas braced himself against the command table as he felt the familiar sensation of the ship around him as he heard the jump key turned and the ship seemed to shudder then all motion slowed for a brief moment.

In a flash of light, the Prometheus along with her battlegroup disappeared from their position. Meanwhile at their prearranged jump coordinates, Several flashes of light indicated the ships had completed their jumps. There was some spatial turbulence from the effects, but soon the ships evened out and continued on their course.

Prometheus CIC

Thomas stood and glanced up at the DRADIS console over head. "Report," he called out as he heard the usual bustle of the large room start up again.

"Jump complete," Jaro announced. "Eight contacts on DRADIS, all friendly. Cross-checking transponders." He made a few taps on his console to overlay their projection against the real-time sensor data. "Confirmed. Transponders match expected civilian shipping. The Acheron Carrier is behind schedule but on course. She's a passenger cruiser."

Laurada listened in as the ships all checked in post jump. She lifted her eyes to the Captain, "All vessels have reported successful first jump, sir."

"Signal the battle group to maintain formation Chief," Thomas called to Moseri before looking over to his Officer of the Deck, "Major, take us to the second jump point."

CPO Moseri nodded, "Aye Sir." Within seconds she was communicating with the other vessels, "Prometheus Command to all vessels, please maintain formation and proceed to next coordinates."

"Aye Sir, course plotted," Jaro reported. "Engaging engines." It was the procedure to announce actions executed to the commanding officer, but everyone in the CIC and anyone who had been on board for a while would know what was happening. The sounds that the old ship made and the feeling of being subjected to her gentle thrust were familiar and comforting.

Thomas picked up his phone and input the commands for the engine room. When he heard the line pick up, he spoke into the handset while looking up at the ship status board overhead, "Well CHENG, looks like we made it through the first hoop. How did everything fair?"

"Everything's still in one piece, sir." There were no warning klaxons going off in the background: that was certainly a good sign in Cavati's mind. No glaring instrument boards spelling out doom. Everything was good so far. "Don't worry. I'll keep 'er that way."

"Very well, carry on," Thomas said before hanging the phone up. He surveyed the activity around him in the CIC. The familiar sounds were comforting, and he could feel the movement of the ship through the deckplates and his boots. He glanced back up at the DRADIS console, feeling content as he did so.