Dream Comes True

Posted on Thu May 5th, 2022 @ 11:24am by Captain Minerva Graystone

Mission: Just Another Routine Patrol
Location: On the Phaethon
Summary: Takes place a Month before the Fall
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Captain's Quarters

Minerva shot straight up in her bed. She was sweating heavily and panting. It was that same dream that she was having sense she was a little girl. She shook her head as she was trying to get the visions of Nuclear Explosion, and millions of deaths out of her mind. She looked out of the canopy that made the ceiling of her Quarters. She looked out into the void and the stars as they slipped slowly past her ship at sublight. She threw the blankets off and stood. She shivered at the coolness of her quarters, as she was covered in sweat and was naked. She walked into her bathroom and looked at the mirror. For some reason she felt haunted by something. She splashed water on her face, and looked at the mirror again. She still felt haunted by her nightmares.

With a heavy sigh she took a shower. She stood under the shower head, watching the water flow off her body and was wishing that this nightmare would do the same. Only after half hour she stepped out and got herself dry and dressed. She walked into the Office that was attached to her quarters so she could look out the window. She smiled at the sight of the asteroid belt that sat a short distance away. She knew that her Raptor Mark I's where all over the field. They where looking for minerals and what was needed fuels.

The Endeavor's fuel tanks where all full, but they wanted to make sure that they had a stock pile of Tylium for when they are in need of it. She smiled as one of her birds drifted past. It still felt strange to be the first people in centuries to be this far out. She did wonder about the Lords of Kobol travel to the Colonies. She was wondering if they would find the World that the Lords have come from. With a heavy sigh, she turned and headed from her Quarters.

Phaethon's CIC

Minerva walked into CIC, but her dream was still haunting her. One of her officers handed her a clipboard with the night watches reports. She thanked them and stepped over to her Command position. "Mike how is it looking out there?" She asked the Night watch Commander.

"Everything is looking good. We discovered several deposits of Gold, Lead, Iron, Uranium, and Tylium." Mike reported. "We where about to dispatch some mining crews."

Minerva set the clipboard down on the table before here. "I want some of our Vipers out there patrolling."

"Ma'am, we don't need a CAP." Mike said confused. "No one from the Colonies have followed us, and there is no signs of anyone ever being in this system."

"I understand Mike." Minerva said. "No one has been this far out before. That we are aware of." She stated looking at the man. "Several Colonial ships went missing doing blind jumps, and we have no idea if there are Cylons hiding out there." She added.

"Cylons?" Mike asked. "We kicked there frakking toaster asses in the last war." He said. "Why would they be out here?"

Minerva leveled the man a glare. "Mike I gave an order. I want a CAP protecting our people. And if they come across anything that shouldn't be here, then they are to cover our miners until they get back."

"Yes, ma'am." Mike said as he turned and relayed the Captain's orders. He had never seen her this disturbed in the 10 years that he knew here. He was only here because of his Military experience. He looked at her again and he spotted the haunted look in her eyes. He knew that something is weighting heavily on her mind. He also knew that she was plagued with nightmares, that no manor of drug, in any combination could stop. "ma'am, how about to go and get yourself some breakfast. I can handle things here." He said stepping back to her.

"You are a good friend Mike. Sorry I snapped at you." Minerva said with her haunted smile.

"I know ma'am. You gave an order and I questioned it." Mike said. "Now go on, you need something to eat." He added.

"Alright Mike." Minerva said pulling on her duty jacket. "CIC is yours Mike." She stated as she headed back out the hatch to head for the mess hall.

Mike simply nodded as he watched the woman leave. He looked up at the DRAIDS as their Vipers launched. He wanted to know what had Captain Minerva Graystone so spooked. In the month sense they left Colonial Space, their birds only went out so their pilots could get true flight time. He figured that he will bring up a battle drill for their birds. Mike looked at the door the Captain had left out of. Then he smirked. He figured that the Captain was starting to feel the other issue of Command.... Loneliness.